A Channelling received from Lady ErosStella on 10th November 2004… To Colleen Clark.

This message was received after a meditation with Jennifer Starlight… on integrating the Rainbow Serpent Energy.

It is with great acknowledgment of the spirit of you all, that I make myself known to this group today.

I am known as the Lady ErosStella, one of a group of light beings who are the guardians of the Rainbow Energy.

During the meditation today, you have drawn deeply and integrated into yourselves, the very essence of the Divine Rainbow Spirit. Gentleness is the catch cry of this energy, for all that is of deep compassion and love for you to feel and connect into.

It is with great depth of humility that I share my wisdom with you now, for you are the holy ones and you light the path here on earth.
Acknowledge your own grace and light!

You are wondering why I have stepped forward today.

Firstly, it is to acknowledge the grace of God Creation within each of you.

Secondly, to allow you to remember who you really are i.e.: all the divine aspects of light, resonance.

Thirdly, you will walk the paths of this earth and being so connected to the Rainbow vibration, you will emanate all aspects of the energy of the Rainbow spirit to those that you connect with. As the earth takes on more of her crystalline mantle, there will be a great outpouring of color vibration, working in ways never seen before.

This will unlock energy healing and show to those who at present still skeptical, just what is possible when we are divinely in communion with what is available to us here from the full spectrum of the light… “Rainbow Energy”.

Those who work with this energy will show themselves to be of gentleness of spirit, stout hearted and full of compassion. They will enjoy lightness in their daily doings and the ability to connect and communicate to others… that which they have become… the “Rainbow Energy!”

It will be as though every possible color vibration will be magnified 1,000 fold, quite beyond your imaginings.

This will occur, as the bodies that are your vessel will become lighter and of a much higher vibration. This will be needed to bring through the realization of working connecting in this way… Rainbow Energy. There will pour forth language, that before has not been spoken here on earth… delicate… hugely powerful… deeply resonant!

I am but a forerunner of the many guardians of the Rainbow Energy, and you will have made known to you, many others to assist you in this work of spirit… of peace… of divine nature of that which you are.

Quote: “The rose transmits its own scent without a movement… I have the definite feeling that if you want people to experience the aroma of spirit you must copy the rose. The rose irresistibly draws people to itself and the scent remains with them. A rose does not preach – it simply spreads its fragrance.” – Mahatma Gandhi.