Information on my business name – as I have been asked this question many times.

The name of “NovaSiliqua” was given to me from spirit and when I searched the meaning of the word “Siliqua” I was very excited and amazed at the information I had received.

Siliqua… the seed pod of the mustard seed… the nurturer!

Nova… of the stars… as above…the divine feminine principal.

To nurture (feminine) the “Star Seed” … Christ energy… hidden spirit… pearls of wisdom (us)… to allow us to realize our God given potential (masculine)… to bring both into balance and being!

The significance of the parable of the mustard seed was very important to me and was one of the stories from the bible that had stayed with me from my childhood days of Sunday school.

The parable being that the mustard seed is the smallest seed and from the smallest seed shall grow the largest tree and the birds will come and build their nest in its branches… it is the story of potential that is our god given gift.

Geomancers manuscript states that the key to the whole system of natural magic or elemental control, on which the whole civilization of the ancient world was sustained, lies in 2 numbers: 666 and 2080, alternatively 1080.

The associations are set out below. 1080 + 666 = 1746

The combination of terrestrial and celestial forces produces 1746… the number of fusion.

This mathematical expression of the former science of alchemical fusion was retained by the architects of the Christian Gospels.

For Father… 489
Son… 680
Spirit… 576+1
A Grain of Mustard Seed… 1746
The treasury of Jesus… 1746
The Hidden Spirit… 1746
The Pearls of Wisdom… 1746

These things are all that “we” as the “seed” are!

Quote: “I believe that God is in me
As the sun is in the rainbow
The light in the darkness
The voice in my silence” – Helen Keller.