Mission Statement: Accepting we are one heart, one spirit, inextricably linked to each other’s humanity, it is my purpose, in alignment with God, Great Spirit, to empower, educate and facilitate people’s awareness of the body’s capacity to heal itself.

Colleen ClarkHello, I’m Colleen Clark, mother and grandmother. I love facilitating an awareness of living life on a more purposeful level and teaching the different modalities I have experienced over my life.

I believe over time, we become the energy of the various modalities we have learnt and it becomes easier then, to share this knowledge with others.

Healing and transformation can be spontaneous and God / Spirit can heal in an instant, given the right conditions.

  • Transformation of our lives is possible when we are willing to change!
  • We accept full responsibility for creating the reality of our lives and let go of blaming others.
  • Stop waiting for someone else to make your life right for you!
  • Understand that we are our own healers!
  • The human body can regenerate and transform anything that it has created, given willingness to change and the right conditions – it is the nature of atoms.
  • Realize there is no separation…we are all part of the whole!

I am a Spiritual Intuitive…with the ability to Remote Scan the human body, and in co-creation with The Creator/God … facilitate your healing on whatever level is allowed.

I Channel  Universal Soul Languages, which allows me incredibly deep access into your subconscious.  My experiences have led me to become a Master Teacher of Thetahealing® and holder of a Certificate of Science in Thetahealing®…

I am a qualified Munay–Ki teacher and Reiki Master and was a Registered Nurse (30 years), currently not registered … I have worked as a Psychosomatic Body/Mind Analyst, Aromatherapy Masseuse, and Meditation Facilitator.

Quote: “I believe that God is in me

As the sun is in the rainbow

The light in the darkness

The voice in my silence”…Helen Keller.


For personal information on myself, go to the blog page on personal information and testimonial, to connect in with my story up till now. As my life continues I continue to evolve and experience life as fully as I can.