There are many ways to create ART !

Eco Dyeing

As I have always loved flowers, it seemed a natural progression to create art from these processes.

Art, like science, reveals the invisible.

Selected petals of flowers and leaves are scattered on silk scarf. or fabric, cotton, wool and all respond differently to the imaging.
Scarf, or fabric or paper, is then rolled up on a stick or rod of copper, or placed flat in between 2 tiles and then tied up and boiled or steamed for 2 hours.

Photos of processes below.

The mordant used is generally vinegar, so there are no issues in disposing of the waste water.

This is a chemical free process and even though some plants contain certain strong alkaloids, the steaming is generally done outside to avoid in- hailing any problem compounds.

These processes are the basis of my “Happening Scarves” and Eco dyed water colour paper Gift Cards.

The exciting aspect of this process is we never know just what effect or colour we will achieve when we dye. This is a form of art, utilizing natural products from the garden. It is so much fun collecting the flowers and plants and boiling up a pot of dye and drawing out the pigments of the plants to create whatever effects that occur…or just applying them direct to the fabric. This process can be done on cellulose (cotton, linen) and protein (silk, wool) fibers, papers, and not necessarily to dye yardage or yarns evenly.