Art is a way to express myself in colour and form and creativity. I have been interested in art ever since I was a child, and would sketch and colour in art books.

I have always loved working with all forms of art and craft and tried my hand at pencils, watercolour, acrylic oils, mixed medium, collage and silk dying over the years. I have enjoyed spinning and weaving, pottery, sewing costumes and flower arranging. 

I enjoyed the facilitation of art exhibitions for our children’s schools when they were young. I have also written a spiritual story for children called Rainbow Crystal Dreaming.

After a 17 year absence and a period of raising 5 children, living on a farm, nursing, then looking after grandchildren, and working as an intuitive healer, I  returned to art in 2013.

I am enjoying a new found approach to art now as I no longer worry about what others think of my art. Whilst it is good to be recognised for what I do, and to sell something, this does not govern my art expression.

I love to paint to music and am not afraid to give something new a go! This keeps me excited about what I paint and it makes for quite an eclectic range to exhibit!

What I have found is that  over the years, the approach to art is changing for the better and we have some wonderful teachers who are willing to teach all different expressions of art through all mediums.

The public also sees art differently and this allows for a greater freedom of expression for the artist. It is now almost that anything goes and it is exciting to see just what people are capable of creating!

As of now, I am able to put in place all the skills I have learnt, so that when I am ready to create I will know how to achieve what I have inside my head! I would like to be able to put on paper exactly what I see so very clearly in my head! I find if I am centred and in alignment with myself it is easier.

Colleen Clark.

You will see quite a different range of art on offer through my pages. I am open to discussion on all and am more than happy to share my creative processes with you: