Self portrait of Colleen by Colleen Clark

Colleen ClarkI was born 1947, one of 6 children to 2 of the most wonderful supportive and caring parents… and their loving spirits remain with me.

I have 5 great kids, 6 special grandsons and three new granddaughters, their ages range from 23 to 6 years old.

I was trained as a registered nurse from 1964 to 1969 and experienced all facets of nursing.

My love of babies and children led me to train as a midwife and I was fortunate to be part of the many joys and wondrous experience of childbirth.

For me this was my first tangible experience of something far greater than mere man, some force as yet, at that stage of my life, to be experienced in a much deeper and more meaningful way in my life.

Being a mother was my first and foremost responsibility in life…Our children grew up on a mixed farm on the Darling Downs, able to enjoy the thrill of country life and all its gifts. However this did not prevent me from being actively involved in one of my passions of life, creative art…see my art pages.

Also I loved facilitating works in progress in any area of life and was actively involved with all school committees, sports, and artistic pursuits my children were interested in.

Though not a qualified teacher, my interest in teaching with the general public came about with a 7 year stint at “Skills for Living” courses for TAFE… where I taught Art and Craft and Health and Wellbeing subjects….I followed on from this with my love of flowers…to teaching and judging Flower Arranging and Art and Silk Painting and I have convened both city and country Art Exhibitions.

The family and I moved to the coast 39 years ago and I set about reinventing my life.

I have trained and have certification in Thetahealing®, Munay-Ki, Aromatherapy Massage and Psychosomatic Body Mind Analysis and Colour Vibrational Therapy.

I am a Reiki Master and Meditation Facilitator.

My first interest in Spiritual Healing came at a young age when I was fascinated in the stories of Jesus healing by the “Laying on of Hands”. I was a Sunday school teacher… When my second son was 2 years old, he had a severe allergic reaction to an immunization that left him with a very high pitched squealing.

When Christian friends prayed over him and he recovered, I knew that there was so much more to life and living than I had been taught about.

After the birth of my fourth child, I experienced a deep anxiety depression and this continued in both acute and chronic ways for 16 years.

Living in the country, there was not the assistance or knowledge available to me and I struggled to heal myself without the use of medication that did not agree with me.

Whilst I had received assistance from some wonderful healers, over the years, we just had not been able to go deep enough, or to be able to bring illumination to the issue to completely clear the depression.

I knew if I did not bring about change to my life that I would die without realizing my spirits purpose.

When I heard about Vianna Stibal and her Theta Healing ® technique, 20 years ago, I knew in my heart I needed to connect with her wonderful gift.

Theta Healing has led me to greater depths of spiritual and emotional awareness and self-healing… my depression now completely healed. It was like peeling off the layers of past traumatic experience and cellular memory…with genetic, past lives and toxic emotion, soul fragments and psychic hooks…all being worked on.

After 16 years of feeling like life was not worth living… I know what it is to experience a miracle on a personal level…I know what it is like to come from a very dark tunnel and into the Light!

Much has happened to me since I commenced my journey with Theta Healing® and Vianna.

Sometimes the healing has come a little slower than I wanted, sometimes wonderfully instant. I have had huge leaps of consciousness awareness and enjoyed deep expression of my spirituality.

When I started to heal fully, I realized I had to share this process with others who had experienced depression and other issues… that for them… had them “stuck”…unable to move forward.

Along with my natural love of teaching, I have been able to share this wonderful information with many people, both with individual healing sessions and teaching the various seminars of DNA Theta Healing®.

I have been working with Theta Healing® for 20 years now.

Though I am qualified with Munay-Ki , I am not currently using it as present.