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Theta Healing

Colleen Clark Gold Coast ThetaTHETA HEALING® a simple and profoundly effective way to INSTANTLY;

• TRANSFORM limiting perceptions and beliefs on Health: Body, Mind, Spirit, Relationships and Abundance issues … this will bring about healing instantly!

• RECLAIM those fragments of energy lost through traumatic experiences.

• REGENERATE and REVITALISE your physical body by a deepened connection to the multidimensional aspects of SPIRIT.

• ALLOW your Soul’s PURPOSE to be illuminated through all the processes of THETA TRANSFORMATION.


Theta Healing allows us to access the brainwaves of Theta and Gamma and connects us to the unconditional aspects of the Creators / God / Spirit / Unconditional Love… the infinite depth of creation, multidimensional and all of the energies of the divine light available.

When we hold this energy and witness the Creator heal, we allow light energy consciousness to increase and bring about healing on a deep cellular level!

Theta healing goes to the very core of our being, to the cells atomic structure and from there heals from the inside out!

• Theta healing changes the messages the cells receive!

• Theta healing is simple and everyone can practice it!

• Can be learned very quickly!

• Practiced on self and others!

• Allows us to shed those (masks that we show to the world), that limit us and do not serve us.

• Our subconscious mind has a huge influence on the way we live our lives and we need to be aware that we would not consciously and willingly choose these aspects of our lives that do not support us.

• The morphogenetic energy around our DNA and cellular level is affected by our thought, feelings, emotions, beliefs, genetics, past lives, traumas and broken relationships, chemicals toxins, memories and illnesses of our ancestors.

• We can choose to continually identify and acknowledge ourselves by staying in the burden of all the old “Stuff”.

• Or we can allow ourselves to clear instantly, gently and completely, freeing us up to live our lives with joy and passion and excitement of each day.

• Theta Healing lifts us to new levels of Conscious awareness and Empowerment!

• Are you ready to let go of your victim, lack of self-worth, not deserving, lack of forgiveness to self and others, resentment, hatred?

• Take hold of the reins of your life and facilitate this powerfully positive change for yourself!

• Quote: “Love is the expression of willingness to create a safe space in which something is allowed to change.”

• Theta healing allows us to hold the space and witness the Creator bring through the healing!

Theta Healing Gold CoastWhat is asked of you?

Your Commitment of time and ability to listen and understand.

A willingness to alter your perceptions, beliefs and emotional responses to facilitate your own healing.

Your ability to believe in yourself and love yourself, with plenty of assistance from your teacher and the Creator of All that is!

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