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Remote Viewing

Remote ViewingI am clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient, which enables me to Remote view a situation. It is exactly what it sounds like…I am able to look into a situation or body or environment to see what we need to see, in relation to an inquiry…remotely. It does not matter if you are sitting beside me or overseas. I do this by using my intuitive and psychic connection to Spirit and God and ask to be shown whatever it is I need to see, or hear or feel.

This process is used for healing, as in ascertaining any physical issues someone may be experiencing or clearing negative energy from homes or situations in regard to people and relationships. It is also used to ask for information about spiritual and soul health issues.

Everything that happens in this world is energetic and I can pick up on the energetic or underlying consciousness of whatever I am looking for.
Sometimes I will be given information from deceased relatives or from a person’s guides or angels or their higher self. Sometimes I get lots of information and sometimes not as much as I would like, as it can be governed by factors outside of our selves. I generally only use these abilities in the case of someone requesting a healing of body, soul or situation.

This process allows resolution to be achieved in lot of situations.