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Rainbow Crystal Dreaming Book

Rainbow Crystal Dreaming (Australia)

Rainbow Crystal Dreaming Book
This book is a unique book. There are no other books like it on the market.

It is the first book I have written and I lovingly submit it to the world for appreciation.

This book is dedicated and written for my 4 grandsons, just so they knew their grandmother loved them, but it seems to have taken on a presence and energy of its own, through the delightful illustrations of the artist.

It is a delightful story, written with love and shares a light hearted look at the children’s interaction with their grandma as she shares her knowledge of crystals, through the presence of the Rainbow Crystal Devas.

Rainbow CrystalThese beautiful ethereal crystalline Rainbow Devas, take the boys on a dreaming meditative journey into their own bodies, to meet the various systems and to realise that every cell in their bodies holds light energy, and are happy little cells.

Each child is given a special message to assist them in this life in Rainbow light language and the qualities of each crystal are also written in Light language.

It is written and spoken in the beautiful soul language of light and translated into English, so the children can understand.

Rainbow Crystal Dreaming
In relation to the Rainbow Soul Light Language it is offered with love and a true concern for humanity, it is communicated verbally in the form of a vibrational healing and it works through sound resonance and colour.

The origins of the language come from the heart of the planet and the stars.

It reflects the true nature of the light that we are all a part of.

This light permeates every cell of our bodies and all of creation whatever form it takes. It is the body’s recognition and reflection of itself.
It is true love and speaks strongly to the heart of our soul.

The very nature of the laws of the universe are within each and every colour and sound and are available to all of us all the time we just have to be conscious of the nature of the universe.

This language spoken to you brings you back in touch with the truth of who you are and in so doing, allows healing to take place.

We are all creative beings and it is very important we live in alignment with our hearts passion and our divine purpose here on earth.

When we can live our joy, we are uplifted with the angels and the sound resonates throughout the universe, the stars and beyond.

I am continually amazed by the flow of the language that comes through me and it can sound quite different depending on the person receiving the message.

As a light worker, I have felt its effects both on myself and others, each and every time it is spoken and sometimes sung!

Many people think they know the language, or have heard it spoken before and in truth it is a part of all of us and stirs some deep remembrance on a soul level.

I am very privileged and humbled to be able to feel and share the love it brings.

“She taq was un a mayar ma quan ush tus nayar”

Translates as: For all is love and love is all there is!

Colleen Clark

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