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Portrait of Buffy Saint Marie, a singer...i have called this the Last Note, in reference to her Indian Heritage and the struggle of her people.


"Sanctuary" acrylic and mixed media.


"Little Bird Little Bird" Acrylic.


"Ladybirds at Leisure" Acrylic and mixed media.


Art work on old Garden Cupboard Acrylic and wash.


"Exodus 1" Mixed media and acrylic and collage.


"Exodus 2" Mixed media, collage and acrylic


"Into me i see" mixed media, collage and acrylic.


Abstract, mixed media & collage on "australia my country."


"The Heart of the Planet" mixed media and acrylic.


"Ghosts of Gardens Past" mixed media and collage.


"A touch of Yellow" abstract mixed media and collage.


Beach Blue collage and mixed media


Family Christmas Tree with photos of all my wonderful family.


At the Feet of The Master Acrylic and mixed media.


Collage and mixed media. commenting on the Power of Women to face all of lifes challenges.


Mixed media. "Blue Picnic"