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Art Page 1

Watercolour of Harry my 18 month old grandson.


Acrylic painting of the mountains in the Tamborine area in Queensland.


Acrylic views of the changing emotions of the ocean.


Acrylic painting of the Moon flower with a hummingbird. I have called this "Nana-honura"


Acrylic of an old sawmill at Glenecho, my childhood home


Acrylic of a part of the beautiful Snake river in Idaho. I fell in love with its magnificence.


Acrylic and mixed media. The Swamp


Acrylic Abstract Freeform


The Owl - Acrylic


"Deep Blue" Acrylic This was donated for a raffle towards a school reconstruction in Peru.


The Faries Flower Watercolour


Legacy acrylic and mixed media.


The Lupin Dell Acrylic


Flush of Red...Acrylic


Golden Radiance. Acrylic


Sturt Dessert Pea Series, different approaches to the one subject. Acrylic


2 Responses for Art Page 1

  1. bevie says:

    I found your site while looking at your art in PIL where I post as well…You are definitely a woman with substance…so enjoyed reading all about you and hope you don’t mind my sharing your art on FB…blessings,

  2. Doris Brown says:

    You are truly an inspiration and you do not hold back when it comes to color and form of the flora that you capture with each conception. Thank you for sharing your sites online for all to pull up and enjoy your talent. I wish I could paint even one of them. A Texas Great Grammy and proud.

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